‘Wall Of Trees’ Project To Protect Nairobi Wildlife

‘Wall Of Trees’ Project To Protect Nairobi Wildlife

From CNN

Nairobi National Park is that rarest of things — a conservation park in a city — and it is now a physical manifestation of the front lines in Kenya’s human-wildlife conflict.

Like the nearby residents of slum housing, the wildlife of the park has become victim of the city’s uncontrollable growth. A lack of planning in the capital has led to human encroachment onto the protected area, compromising the well-being of wildlife through an invasion of industrial waste and domestic pollution.

To secure its future the M-Pesa Foundation, a charitable trust, and private investors have launched the Nairobi Greenline Project. It involves the planting of 300,000 indigenous trees in a 30-kilometer long, 50-meter wide forest boundary around the park, reinforced by a 32-kilometer electric fence.

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