Farrakhan: America Is $22 Trillion In Debt And Broke, ‘Begging The Government Is Folly’

Farrakhan: America Is $22 Trillion In Debt And Broke, ‘Begging The Government Is Folly’

On Oct. 16, 1995 Black men marched in DC. On the 24 anniversary of the event, Min. Farrakhan had some pointed remarks about the state of America. Louis Farrakhan attends the funeral service for Aretha Franklin at Greater Grace Temple, Friday, Aug. 31, 2018, in Detroit. Franklin died Aug. 16, 2018 of pancreatic cancer at the age of 76. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

On Oct. 16, 1995, thousands upon thousands of Black men marched in Washington, D.C. On the 24th anniversary of the historic event, the mastermind behind the Million Man March, Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, had some pointed remarks about the state of America. 

The “Black man and woman in America are like the ‘dry bones in the valley’ who have fallen so low that they are considered ‘lost souls’ by God and His prophets…But it is the Black man and woman of America that God has come to resurrect and make rulers in the world,” Farrakhan said, according to the Final Call.

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Looking back at the Million Man March, Farrakhan spoke of its purpose. “We called for 1 million men to come to Washington, not to picket, not to beg the government but to atone to God for our failure as men to shepherd our families, to be the guides for our people, good husbands for our wives, good fathers for our children.”

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Farrakhan then called out America, saying, “America is under the judgment and God is using the weather to curtail her resources. The country is $22 trillion in debt that President Trump has no intention to pay.”

Though he did not outright mention reparations, Farrakhan recommended not even asking America to pay its debts. He noted, “So begging the government is folly today. Whatever you think you want from the government, ask them: can they produce it? They’re broke.”

Farrakhan warned of America’s ruin. He said, “In a few minutes the bubble is going to burst.”

He asked, “Have you seen the storm clouds of war gathering? They’re turning their pruning hooks into spears,” he said.