Energy Company to Increase Accessibility Throughout Tanzania

Energy Company to Increase Accessibility Throughout Tanzania

From All Africa

President Jakaya Kikwete announced a massive programme to transform the Tanzania National Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) into a full-fledged power utility to ensure majority of Tanzanians access and enjoy electricity.

In talks with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Chief Executive Officer, Mr Daniel Yohannes, in New York on Wednesday, President Kikwete said his government has taken stern measures in dealing with corruption as a way of improving good governance.

Mr Kikwete, during the meeting on funds being disbursed by MCC to the country, appealed for the inclusion of Tanzania in the second phase of the MCC funds in which the government wants to channel them towards increasing the number of people with access to electricity, construction of rural infrastructures especially the staple food producing areas.

He said electricity supply in urban and rural areas is among his government priorities whereas when he joined office in 2005, only ten per cent of Tanzania had access to electricity while presently it stands at 21 per cent and his projection by 2015 is to reach 30 per cent.

President Kikwete told Mr Yohannes that Tanesco has gone through various hurdles in meeting its goals thus the government has decided to take special initiatives to address the challenges the power utility faces.

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