California Accuses Social Media Soldier Rizza Islam Of Medi-Cal Fraud

Isheka N. Harrison
Written by Isheka N. Harrison
Popular social media figure Rizza Islam and his mother Hanan Islam, were both arrested for contempt of court during a hearing for a case in which they are accused of Medi-Cal fraud. Twitter.

Author and popular social media figure Rizza Islam was released from jail on Oct. 11. Rizza, 29, and his mother Hanan Islam, 60, were both arrested for contempt of court on Oct. 1. The arrest came after the Islams were late to court, presented “sovereign citizen” claims, then kept speaking “out of turn” after the judge told them to be quiet, The Underground Bunker reported.

The hearing was the latest in the ongoing Medi-Cal fraud case in which the Islams are accused of defrauding the State of California out of millions of dollars with bogus insurance claims.

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According to the Bunker, the Islams were involved in an elaborate scheme from 2010 to 2013 in which corrupt educators supplied them with teens for drug rehabilitation treatment at the American Health and Education Clinics at the World Literacy Crusade. Yet none of the teens required any treatment and were instead indoctrinated with Scientologist methodology – and the state paid an estimated $3.8 million dollars in claims. reports say.

However, Rizza and Hanan have both pled not guilty. In an interview from jail Rizza – who has ties to both the Nation of Islam and Scientology – said he was “in very good spirits” and “received a lot of love” from the guards and prison inmates who knew his “family and the work we were doing in the community since 1992.”

“This is what happens even to the best of us when you’re doing the best that you can. The enemy will find a way to attack or come at you especially when you are doing good deeds to resurrect the people,” Rizza said.