Instagram Model Makes $1.5M A Year By Showing Plastic Cakes

Instagram Model Makes $1.5M A Year By Showing Plastic Cakes

Instagram model and influencer Andrea Vasile says she earns $500 to $5,000 per post by showing off her biggest asset — her surgically engineered butt.

Vasile, 35, of Bucharest, Romania, has a law degree and was a web designer before realizing she was sitting on a goldmine. Now she’s earning $1.5 million a year with her plastic cakes, marketing herself as an Instagram model.

Vasile — aka Andrea Abeli — says it’s her honesty and cutthroat marketing methods that make her stand out in the Instagram pack, where she has accumulated more than 3.1 million followers in two years, according to the New York Post. The Post and other media outlets cited an interview Vasile did with Jam Press. Vasile said she’s known for not cutting corners and is blunt about her plastic surgeries.

In her Instagram profile, Vasile describes herself as “Team not natural” with a shrugging emoji.

Her moneymaker, brought to fans by plastic surgery, regularly shows up framed in swimsuits and skimpy lingerie. The posts, oddly, leave a lot to the imagination.

For example, on Twitter, where comments range from “gross” to “love it”, people are wondering:

  • “Why would anyone want to look like that?”
  • “Can she even light jog?”
  • “Jog lol can she even sit down?”

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Vasile doesn’t often show her face, according to the New York Post. Her Instagram account is set to private but fans can get more exclusive content for $6.99 per month on OnlyFans.com. She says she’s getting sponsored posts from every brand under the sun.

Vasile started her own marketing agency in 2014, helping models and brand owners build careers through social media, according to the Daily Star. Then she decided to go in front of the camera and show her plastic cakes.

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She said she considers her posts to be conservative, combining humor and sex appeal to make entertaining content. She posts conservative photos and videos because she thinks Instagram discriminates against curvy women like her, she said.

Not everyone appreciates Vasile’s strategy.

The worst comment she said she received was from someone who told her she’s going to burn in hell, and when she does, it will smell like plastic, according to News.com.au.