Best Stories Today

Written by Leela Sanikop

Wednesday 10.02.2019

In A Potential WeWork Bankruptcy, $Billions Worth Of Loans Could Be Exposed

In the space of about six weeks, co-working space giant WeWork went from talk of a $47 billion valuation and an IPO to talk of bankruptcy, with $6 billion in financing unraveled and maybe six months of cash left.

Wells Fargo Is Developing A U.S. Dollar-Linked Stablecoin That Will Run On Its 1st Blockchain Platform

Financial giant Wells Fargo is developing a U.S. dollar-linked stablecoin called Wells Fargo Digital Cash that is expected to run on its own dedicated distributed ledger platform.

Kanye West Urges Youth To ‘Put Down The Gram’ And Claims L.A. Is ‘Run By Satan’

In his upcoming album, “Jesus Is King,” Kanye West goes on what has been described as an evangelical rant, asking listeners to disconnect from Instagram and calling the city of Los Angeles “Satanic”.

Independent Black Beauty Brands Gain Clout, Sales Fueled by Instagram Influencer Culture

As the old adage states, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but for cosmetic brands, beauty resides in the hands of the Instagram user. Recently dubbed as the “new shopping mall” of the internet, Instagram continues to establish its foothold as the premier outlet to shop and discover new brands. At the same time, Black beauty brands are using the app to rise to prominence through cultural means in an industry where they’ve traditionally been shut out.

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U.S. Manufacturing Survey Shows Worst Reading In A Decade

Manufacturing, once considered a Trump administration triumph, just had its second consecutive month of contraction.