6 Influencer Marketing Platforms For Partnering With Internet Famous Creators

Written by Ann Brown
photo created by rawpixel.com

Let’s get this straight. Influencer marketing is marketing to influencers. The reason you want to market your products, brand to influencers is that they will get the word out to everyone else.

“Influencer Marketing is a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of the celebrity endorsement and placing it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main differentiator in the case of  influencer marketing is that the results of the campaign are collaborations between brands and influencers,” Influencer Marketing Hub reported.

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Influencers have their large followings on the web and social media, and can be anyone from a fashion photographer on Instagram to a popular cybersecurity blogger uses Twitter.

“Influencer marketing doesn’t just get you exposure, but also endorsements through content that features your brand, which can make it worthwhile for businesses of all sizes,” Shopify reported.

There are two kinds of influencers — Macro-Influencers, who have more than 100,000 followers, and Micro-influencers, who have from 10,000 to 100,000 followers. And sometimes micro-influencers are the way to go as they tend to have a higher engagement rate on their posts and a more loyal audience. 

Here are 6 influencers marketing platforms you should check out.

Meetups and Instameets

Meetups and Instameets let you actually come face-to-face with the influencers you want to partner with. In-person deals can often times be easier to make


With Famebit you can post your info for free. You’ll get proposals from creators and then you choose to hire from there.

It is is one of the largest influencer marketing platforms for creators across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. And the influencers range from Beauty & Fashion to Tech to Pets.


Grapevine boasts a network of over 115,000 creators with a hefty focus on YouTubers, though the platform has recently embraced Instagram as well. You only pay when you book a creator and their free escrow service holds your payment until the creator goes live with your content,” Shopify reported. 


You can actually buy shoutouts from Shoutcart. “Shoutouts can be purchased for posts where you supply the creative, with the option to pay more to get a link in the influencer’s bio for a limited time,” Shopify reported.


With Whalar you can discover and manage multiple influencers.

“With a built-in escrow service, you don’t pay until the content is delivered. And Whalar only takes a 5% commission on whatever amount you agree to with the influencer,” Shopify reported.


Looking for a directory of influencers? That’s what Influence.co provides. On it, each influencer profile features work they’ve done with brands allowing you to make a more informed decision.