African Tourism Superlatives: Ghana, S. Africa, Nigeria

African Tourism Superlatives: Ghana, S. Africa, Nigeria

Accra, the capital of Ghana, was chosen as the Friendliest African City for visitors, Kruger National Park in South Africa won the Best National Park in Africa, and Obudu Mountain Resort in Nigeria was named Best Resort in West Africa in the Africa Travel Awards 2013, according to a report in BusinessDay.

The awards will be presented on Oct. 27, 2013 at an award ceremony of the Ninth Akwaaba African Travel Market in Lagos.

Ministers of tourism Sylvia Masebo of Zambia, and Walther Mazembi of Zimbabwe will receive the African Legend Award 2013 for organizing “the best U.N. World Tourism Organization World Congress ever with attendance from over 120 countries,” the report said.

Travel consultant Anita Baptist of Nitaconsult in Ghana will receive the Balafon Award of Excellence along with Nigerian movie maker Amaka Igwe. They are credited with introducing destination promotion of Nollywood and training movie makers on the tourism content of movies. Nollywood has helped increase arrivals to Nigeria and helped change African perception of the country.

Oliver Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, won the Best Airport in Africa while Ethiopian Airlines was chosen as the Best Airline in Africa. Arik Airline was named Best Airline in West Africa. Rwandair won Best Short Haul Airline in Africa. Emirate Airlines won Best International Airline into Africa. HRG was chosen Best Travel Management Company in Africa.

In 2008, ATQ Magazine, the organisers of Akwaaba Travel Market, introduced Africa Travel Awards to honor Africans who have pioneered or grown different areas of travel and tourism.

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ATQ organised Travellers Awards for airlines and hotels in Nigeria since 1996, and in 2007, presented its first set of West Africa Travel Awards now known as the Balafon Awards.

An award committee of people across Africa nominated and authenticate the results of the Africa Travel Awards including the following: Chika Onyeani, U.S.-based publisher of African Suntimes; Gordon Adoboe, president, Tour Operators Union of Ghana; Consiga Khiga, CEO, Destination Connect, Kenya; Denis Gathanju, publisher, travel promoter in Kenya and Rwanda; Monique Swart, South African business travel expert and founder of African Business Travel Association; John Miller, aviation correspondent and travel publisher from South Africa; Tejan Nyang, Gambian tourism practitioner; Yinus Silas from Gambia Observer newspapers; Aly Diouf, journalist with Senegal’s le Soleil newspaper; Ogo Sow, Senegalese American-based; Samuel Doe from Ghana Daily Graphics Newspapers; Feetah Janjay Campell , journalist from Liberia; Yvette smith Cole,   producer with the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corp.; Patricia Ellis, producer, Explore Zambia TV program on ZNBC; and Olatinuke Nwakohu, vice president, Travel Agency Association in Nigeria.