Shaun King Bangs Back: DeRay Could Be Jealous And Was ‘Slapped’ In Ferguson Because Of Social Justice Grifting

Shaun King Bangs Back: DeRay Could Be Jealous And Was ‘Slapped’ In Ferguson Because Of Social Justice Grifting

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Shaun King is done taking the high road with fellow Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist DeRay McKesson. In a lengthy, comprehensive piece on Medium, King took the gloves off and clapped back at McKesson, who has accused the well-known civil rights activist of theft and fraud.

On September 12, McKesson questioned King’s integrity and accountability by posting a Medium article of his own on Twitter. Of King, McKesson wrote, “It is important to note that Shaun’s journalism has done some good by bringing attention to stories that may have gone under-reported or overlooked. But the person who paints your house before he steals your car has still committed theft.”

In his response published Sept. 14, King accused McKesson of being an attention-seeker who actually hurt the cause of Rihanna’s Diamond Ball with selfish motives. “That DeRay chose to release a public attack against me hours before the Diamond Ball was vindictive, short-sighted, and destructive,” King wrote.

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While detailing the findings of a five-year report that included a financial audit of his organizing and fundraising work, King questioned McKesson’s integrity, intelligence, literacy, comprehension abilities and motives. He posted links and screenshots to reports, Twitter posts, emails, etc., which he said prove his innocence. – and show McKesson’s hypocrisy.

“Worse than that, 46 different families issued statements in the report that DeRay has all but erased. Are they lying? Is your argument that 46 families and 8 leading professionals came together to support the largest accounting of public fraud in modern civil rights history? And that you, professional Twitter sleuth, actually know the real truth? It’s gross. But when your ego outpaces your expertise and education, this is what happens,” King wrote.

He asked whether McKesson was envious and noted that murdered Ferguson activist Darren Seals slapped McKesson after repeatedly calling him a fraud.

“It sincerely, earnestly makes me think his new attacks against me are a weird form a projection. Or jealousy. Or a power move. Maybe he wanted Diamond Ball tickets, I don’t know, I just know that it is very peculiar for that man to attempt to be either the arbiter of integrity or the gatekeeper to this movement. He is neither,” King continued.

Both King and McKesson are prominent in their own right. Both have accused the other of unscrupulous behavior. There are supporters and accusers on both sides – with many saying the entire feud is sad and hurting the culture.