Best Stories Today

Written by Leela Sanikop

Friday 09.13.2019

Michael Jordan Donates $1 Million-Plus To Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Michael Jordan’s latest investment is in helping people. The iconic NBA legend announced he would donate over $1 million to relief efforts for the Bahamas, which was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, reported Daily News.

WeWork Valuation Cut From $47B To $10B: Will There Be Contagion With Other Fake Private Tech Valuations?

Faced with lukewarm demand and growing investor concerns, office space-sharing startup We Work’s parent company is considering a valuation as low as $10 billion in its upcoming public offering.

Basecamp CEO Accuses Google Of Ransom And Shakedown In Rigged Search Results

Basecamp CEO and co-founder Jason Fried accused tech giant Google of “shakedown” advertising practices that let competitors’ ads using the Basecamp brand name show up in search results above his company’s ads.

Joe Biden Says Black Parents Need To Do Better In Response To Question About Slavery

At Thursday’s third presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden was asked what responsibility Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery.

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Chance The Rapper Advises Indie Artists To Avoid Record Labels. Here’s Why He’s Wrong About Ownership

Chance the Rapper may have made it to the big time by being an independent artist, but many music industry experts say this isn’t the route for all artists. Yet the 26-year-old Chicago rapper urges artists to avoid record labels, distribution deals, and management deals.