Black Man Takes Gun Away From Policewoman And Is Shot By Her Backup

Black Man Takes Gun Away From Policewoman And Is Shot By Her Backup

Black Man gun policewoman
Protest against police brutality, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 12, 2013. Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

A man is expected to survive after taking a deputy’s handgun away from her during a scuffle and then firing at her with it in San Bernardino County, California, before the deputy’s backup arrived, guns blazing, and shot at him. The dramatic footage, captured on a cellphone, was viewed 5 million times on Twitter.

Many on social media sided with the suspect, 21-year-old Ari Young. He is expected to survive his gunshot wounds, KFIAM640 radio reported.

The incident began after Young’s mother called 911 asking for help to remove her son from the house. The woman yelled, “Oh my God, oh my God, send the police, I need my son removed from my home,” a sheriff’s news release said, according to the San Bernadino Sun. The first deputy to arrive, Meagan Forsberg, met Young outside the house.

Neighbors told ABC7 that the deputy tried to arrest Young in a confrontation that turned violent.

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A video that was viewed 5 million times opens with Young repeatedly punching Forsberg in the head and face, and Forsberg falling on her back, her right armed raised with her gun in her hand. A shot goes off, someone screams and a woman in a pink outfit approaches, then walks away.

Young holds down Forsberg’s arm with both hands. Another shot is fired, and Young takes the gun away. Forsberg gets up and runs out of camera view to the right. Young stands up, extends his right arm and fires in Forsberg’s direction.

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Young then walks to his right as three sheriff’s SUVs pull up to meet him with sirens screaming. He puts his hands up with the deputy’s gun still in his right hand, pointing up. After that, the action is obscured by trees. About a dozen shots ring out, according to the video. Young falls after about the eighth round.

Young and the deputy were hospitalized, ABC7 reported. The deputy was injured but was not shot.