Mauritian, Ghanaian Entrepreneurs Seek Opportunities at Business Forum

Mauritian, Ghanaian Entrepreneurs Seek Opportunities at Business Forum

Thursday September 19 and Friday September 20, Ghana will host the Mauritius Trade and Investment forum where dozens of entrepreneurs from both Mauritius and Ghana will discuss potential business opportunities.

According to Ghana Business News, the forum and subsequent partnerships will be aimed at improving investment relations and bilateral trade. Sectors including strategic alliance, franchising and joint venture collaboration will be focal points for Mauritius entrepreneurs looking to invest.

“The Mauritius entrepreneurs will come in to have a look at what Ghana can offer and what they can also offer Ghana so that together the two countries can explore synergies to the their mutual benefit,” Dev Chamroo, Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Mauritius said in the report.“There are avenues for collaboration and trade between Ghana and Mauritius and it would be happy doing business with West African countries.”

In addition to investment, entrepreneurs will take part in a buyers and sellers meeting where Mauritius manufactured products will be showcased. Ghana Business News also reported that Mauritius entrepreneurs will be introduced to opportunities within Ghana’s higher added financial services, agriculture, infrastructure and energy sectors.

According to Chamroo, Mauritius is also a leader of value added services in the areas of education and medicine. Mauritius’ $6 billion annual export revenue includes $2.6 billion earned from “representing service exports,” the report said.

Mauritius, Ghana Business News reported, is the gateway to investment opportunities within 26 other countries. Mauritius’ exports to the African continent account for $1 billion, while $2.4 billion can be attributed to the export of goods.