How South African Engineers Are Gamifying The Golfing Industry

Written by Staff
Photo by Mick De Paola on Unsplash

Smart tracking gamification platform for golfing, Inrange been successfully installed at Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range in London as well as the Leadbetter Academy World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. 

The platform, designed by a team of South African engineers, hosts a distributed radar system made to accurately track balls across the range and the field.

According to the team, Inrange is an advanced system designed to pull together the threads of innovation, technology and sporting expertise into an immersive experience that appeals to all levels of golfing player, from newbie to professional. 

From IT News Africa.

“Technology, designed specifically to enhance the golfing experience and improve player capabilities, is now providing players across all ages and abilities with rich insights into their performance,” says Nick Longley, Co-Founder of Inrange. 

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Inrange uses ultra-sensitive radar sensors alongside in-app data and insights powered by the technology’s algorithm. The Inrange handicap dynamically calculates player performance, and it gives them the information they need to practice with purpose.  

“Players can use the data provided by this technology to track how they are playing, identify what they are doing right, and optimize their skills for on-course performance. They have access to information that allows them to refine their skills whether or not they are professional players or people looking to improve their game. Smart technology allows for players to enjoy a purpose-driven practice that challenges their skills and their experience,” continues Longley. 

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