African Tech Startups,Women In Business Inspire New Shows

African Tech Startups,Women In Business Inspire New Shows

In Africa’s dynamic media landscape, media groups are shifting – expanding or buying and selling each other – while foreign print and TV programs are adding content focusing on Africa’s emerging economies.

Kenya this week is launching a new reality TV show, “Upstart Africa TV: Turning Reality into Business” – the country’s first televised start-up show, AllAfrica reports.

Forbes plans to launch in October a new pan-African magazine, Forbes Women Africa, highlighting  trailblazers, game changers and pioneering women involved in business, Africa’s economy and the world, BizCommunity reports.

Africa Business Report, a new BBC-TV program, is set to launch in October on prime-time TV across Africa, according to a report in AfricaBusinessReview.

“There are so many stories of success on the African continent that we will never be able to do justice to all the woman making a difference in the corporate world, which is the principal reason why I took the decision to have a separate magazine for women,” said ABN Publishing Group Chairman Rakesh Wahi.

The magazine’s goal is to navigate the world of business for women, with features on the latest trends in the corporate sector and how its architecture speaks to women.

“Upstart Africa” will be broadcast on KTN in Kenya for 13 weeks with 24 contestants battling it out for commercially viable innovations. The winning team will walk away with $50,000.

“Young aspiring Kenyan entrepreneurs can finally participate in a hybrid of their very own ‘Shark Tank,’ ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Big Brother’ rolled into one,” said Upstart Africa founder Sankei Kenga.