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Written by Leela Sanikop

Wednesday 08.14.2019

A$AP Rocky Convicted of Assault by Swedish Court

A$AP and his colleagues were accused of assaulting 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari. Though A$AP claimed self-defense and pleaded not guilty, the Swedish court said, “Based on statements from two witnesses, the court finds that the defendants were not subject to a current or imminent criminal attack.”

10 Things You Need To Know About The Nation Of Islam’s Position On Reparations

Love them or hate them, there is no denying the Nation of Islam at its core is about the empowerment of and economic independence for Black people. As such, reparations for America’s slave descendants has long been on its agenda.

Victimless Crime: Ex-NBA Player Sebastian Telfair Gets 3.5 Years On Weapons Charges

Ex-NBA player Sebastian Telfair was in shock as he received a three-and-a-half years prison sentence on weapons raps. At the recent sentencing, Telfair broke down emotionally, crying and yelling, in a Brooklyn court.

10 Hip-Hop Artists Who Mention Money Most Often In Their Lyrics

Money, money, money. There are some Hip-Hop artists who seemed obsessed with rapping about money. And there’s a new tool, Cash Obsessed Rappers, that reveals which rappers mention cash terms the most in their song lyrics.

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Facebook Paid Hundreds Of Contractors To Transcribe Users’ Audio

The tech giant has been paying hundreds of outside third-party contractors to transcribe clips of audio from its users, but the tech giant said it has stopped doing that.