Best Stories Today

Written by Leela Sanikop

Tuesday 08.13.2019

Meet William Adoasi: An Entrepreneur Funding Education In Africa Through E-Commerce

William Adoasi started his first sports business at 19 years old, dropped out of university and earned around $193,400 in three years — not bad for a teenage founder.

Anti-#ADOS Activist Talib Kweli Goes Off Deep End: ‘ADOS IS The Same As These MAGA Terrorists’

Hip-hop artist-activist Talib Kweli isn’t too happy about the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) movement, especially after the pro-reparations group went in on him on Twitter.

Can Algorithms Be Racist? Trump’s Housing Department Says No

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is circulating new rules that would make it nearly impossible for banks – or landlords or homeowners insurance companies – to be sued when their algorithms result in people of color being disproportionately denied housing.

4 Questions On Epstein Suicide For William Barr, Trump’s AG And Bush Senior’s Coverup Man

Attorney General William P. Barr, who has earned the nickname “The Coverup General,” said in a statement that he “was appalled to learn” about Jeffrey Epstein’s death in federal custody.

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Black Asset Managers Can Build Their Own Flywheel

When my younger brother and I were small kids, we would sit in our room and try to think back to the very beginning of time. I remember feeling quite small and helpless in those moments. I fought that feeling this week while working through how Black folks could reshape the world of venture capital.