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Written by Leela Sanikop

Wednesday 08.07.2019

Conspiracy Theorist Jim Bakker: If Trump Loses In 2020, Christians Will Die One After Another

Infamous televangelist Jim Bakker recently predicted that if Trump fails to win the 2020 election and stay in office, Christians will be slaughtered. It’s a vision he claims he says years ago.

New NCAA Rule On Agents Sounds Like ‘Sports Gerrymandering’. Twitter Goes Off

The National Collegiate Athletic Association issued new certification rules Monday for agents who want to represent student athletes interested in trying out for the NBA Draft, and Twitter went crazy.

If You Watch Porn, Facebook, Google, Oracle Are Tracking That

If you watch porn online, someone might be tracking you. It seems Facebook, Google, and Oracle are secretly tracking the porn people view online, found a new joint study from Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Tax On Uber, Lyft Rides Will Be Decided By San Francisco Voters In November

Lyft and Uber users in San Francisco may soon have to pay up to a 3.25 percent tax if a November ballot measure is pushed through. Other places such as Portland, Massachusetts, New York already impose taxes on ridesharing passengers.

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5 Ways Excessive Sugar Kills You Over Time

Excessive sugar is not just making you fat; it could kill you in ways you may not expect. While you should stop eating sugar altogether, eating less of it could improve or even save your life.