Marianne Williamson Declared Breakout Winner Of Debate On Race, Reparations And Trump’s ‘Dark Psychic Force’

Marianne Williamson Declared Breakout Winner Of Debate On Race, Reparations And Trump’s ‘Dark Psychic Force’

dark psychic force
Marianne Williamson talks to reporters after the first of two Democratic presidential primary debates hosted by CNN Tuesday, July 30, 2019, in the Fox Theatre in Detroit. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

New Age motivational speaker Marianne Williamson drew both derision and praise on Tuesday night in Round 2 of the Democratic presidential candidate debates after she blamed the U.S. racial division on Trump’s “dark psychic force”.

Her message? Racism and white supremacy are demonic and saving America from their evil is a moral task.

The self-help guru has exceeded expectations in both debates for her unconventional approach. On Tuesday, her response to a question about reparations surprised viewers. Few politicians have discussed the issue in detail:

“Well, first of all, it’s not $500 billion in financial assistance, it’s $200 to $500 billion payment of a debt that is owed,” Williamson said. “That is what reparations is. We need deep truth-telling when it comes, we don’t need another commission to look at evidence. I appreciate what Congressman O’Rourke has said. It is time for us to simply realize that this country will not heal. All that a country is, is a collection of people. People heal when there’s some deep truth-telling. We need to recognize, when it comes to the economic gap between blacks and whites in America, it does come from a great injustice that has never been dealt with. That great injustice has had to do with the fact that there was 250 years of slavery followed by another hundred years of domestic terrorism.”

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Williamson has been speaking to huge audiences for almost 40 years, under the radar of the East Coast, John Podhoretz wrote in a New York Post opinion piece. “And you know what? She’s really good at it,” he said. “And she brought real feeling and passion to the most visceral issue for Democrats at the present moment.”

Expectations have been high for Williams to quickly fade to the back of the pack, but on Tuesday, she “hit it out of the park and brought the Democratic Party into the Nutcase Era,” Podhoretz wrote.

She said the racial divide is causing an “emotional imbalance,” interfering with human thriving and betraying the purposes of the founding fathers, who wanted America to allow us all to have “possibilities.”

“To most of us elitists, this either sounds wacko on its own terms or is dismissible as a semi-pagan illiterate translation of classic Christian thinking about the devil’s role in ordinary life,” Podheretz wrote. “But we dismiss the power of this approach at our peril. These are key themes not only through American history but also ideas that have played a significant role in the Age of Oprah.”

In a tweet after the debate, Wiliamson said, “so many Americans realize there is an injustice that continues to form a toxicity underneath the surface, an emotional turbulence that only reparations will cure.”

Poderetz declared Williamson the debate winner “if only because her performance was so unexpectedly effective.”

“She did great” @marty_McFly_01 tweeted. “Certainly came across as genuine and intelligent. It’s all about gaining momentum no matter where the starting point.”

“Thank you for standing up for what’s right…” @BeUnrealistic tweeted.