India Funds Liberia Power Generation with $144m Credit Line

India Funds Liberia Power Generation with $144m Credit Line

From The New Republic

Indian President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, congratulates President Sirleaf after presenting her the 2012 Indira Gandhi Prize. The recent credit line of US$144m given to Liberia by the Indian Government has been welcome by many Liberians, describing India as a true partner that all Liberians should commend.

A number  of people this paper  interviewed paper last week after the announcement was made, commended, India,  the world’s largest democracy as showing true sign of friendship to another third world country.

“Liberia is a third world country just at India. But look today, they are giving us such huge money to help us. All that we need to do is to move well in the right direction.  When a friend makes this provision to you, it means a lot for us,” Titus K. Fahbulleh, Jr a student of political science at the University of Liberia said.

He added, “We must equally   be grateful to  the world’s largest democracy for such a financial   input. All we must try to do is to  make sure that those key issues are followed to the later.”

For Augustine S. Bundo, a businessman thinks similar to Fahbulleh: “From a business point of view,   we need to commend India and also the president of Liberia. Because the assistance did not come because India loves us, it is came  about due to the good leadership style this Government has put into place. If our president was not a good leader,  all these things would not come about.”

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