Ugandan Government Opens Business Incubation Center

Ugandan Government Opens Business Incubation Center

Uganda has just opened the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) incubation center, where budding business by Ugandans can get help to grow their business.

Located  Kampala, the center can accommodate 250 people. The government will also host the BPO international conference– intended to deliberate on how government can adopt the outsourcing model to facilitate business growth as well as creating viable employment for the youth, reports the Observer.

“We want to attract players from the private sector to come and operate from a business friendly environment at a subsidized rate,” said Rogers Karebi, secretary general of Uganda Business Process Outsourcing association.

Companies that will be given a contract with the center will only pay for water, electricity, salaries for their staff and telephone services. Rent and Internet will be paid by the government. A company will be given a two-year contract to operate at the center.

So far, targeted businesses include banks, NGOs, academic institutions, and private businesses. Chosen companies have to demonstrate capacity to create employment or exhibit progressive growth. And a company could lose its contract if it failed to demonstrate business growth.

Currently, the incubation center can take about three companies, but according to Karebi this was just a pilot study to see how the system would work.

In 2011, the government through the National Information Technology Authority Uganda and Makerere University, teamed up with Orion Outsource World and the African BPO Academy, to deliver a training curriculum.

In April 2011, 500 youth graduated with international Business Process Outsourcing skills, reports the Observer.