Kenya State House: Business People Stealing Using VAT

Kenya State House: Business People Stealing Using VAT

From Standard Digital

The recent rise in the prices of various commodities in Kenya as a result of the coming into effect of the Value Added Tax should not happen.

According to the  Secretary of Communication and State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu business people who have raised prices have “in fact been stealing from ordinary citizens”. Speaking at a press briefing from State House Nairob, Esipisu clarified that all unprocessed food stuff are tax exempt.

According to the spokesperson, the prices of some processed food should also not have been hiked.

“Processed food including maize floor, wheat floor, bread, rice, infant food preparations including milk, medicines, pharmaceuticals, sanitary pads,fertilizers and some seeds are exempted from VAT, said Esipisu adding that he expected traders to end that “stealing,”  he clarified.

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