Tunisia Real Estate Sector Makes a ‘Comeback’

Tunisia Real Estate Sector Makes a ‘Comeback’

From Ventures Africa

Just over two years ago, political strife in the North African state of Tunisia unseated its longtime president and also triggered mass pro-democracy movements across the region. While the political movements have helped the civil society to voice their opinion, it has deeply scarred the region’s economy. Like other regional countries, the Tunisia has also suffered the brunt of these campaigns and serious threats still surround the economic future of country.

Recently, Tunisia has entered into another two year multi-billion dollar bailout package with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This new loan is the third time that the country has approached international donors for financial assistance to revive its economy after the 2011 revolution dented its economic prospects. The loan is targeted towards building the country’s weak banking sector and injecting funds in other broad sectors that will generate greater job opportunities and curb civil unrest.

Even though Tunisia remains politically unstable and struggles to cope up with its economic challenges, the country has performed much better than other regional countries, such as Egypt, in terms of economic recovery. The Tunisian real estate sector offers a bright spot for global investors and could lead the way in helping the country regain a firm footing on the economy.

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