‘I’m White. I Can Kill You And Nothing Will Happen,’ Woman Allegedly Tells Man She Hit With Beer Bottle

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“A racist attack nearly left me without an eye,” actor Marius Makon posted on Twitter. “Racism will never defeat us, love, love and love.”

From Washington Post. Story by Amanda Erickson.

Makon, who was born in Cameroon and is also known as Elton Prince, was referring to a Saturday assault in Madrid that left him bruised and bloodied.

According to a Facebook post by Makon, the actor and his friends had stepped up to order coffee early Saturday when a couple approached him.

“I don’t want black people in this place or in front of me,” the woman, 33, reportedly said. Makon wrote that he tried to de-escalate the situation, telling her, “I will only be here for a moment and then I’m leaving. I don’t have any interest in staying near you for long.”

‘Racism will never defeat us’

The woman then reportedly called him a “black piece of s—.” When he asked her to calm down, he wrote, she began attacking him with a glass bottle. She hit him twice on the head, Makon said, causing a cut and other injuries that required seven stitches.

“I’m white,” she allegedly said. “I can kill you and nothing will happen.”

Image: Twitter

About 1 million people of African origin live in Spain, and many say racism is a near-daily reality.

Spain still lacks an anti-discrimination law, and last week, the Council of Europe urged the nation to create an independent anti-racism body. It is one of only two European countries — the other being San Marino — without an agency devoted to tackling racism.

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Source: Facebook

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