India And South Africa Talk Business

India And South Africa Talk Business

From DNA

After lot of bickering and finger pointing, there’s a faint glow at the end of tunnel.

India’s much-anticipated tour of South Africa could finally see the light of day.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Cricket South Africa (CSA) have agreed to let bygones be bygones. A top official from either board will sit across the table later this month.

CSA chief executive Haroon Lorgat — the man in the eye of the storm — will meet BCCI secretary Sanjay Patel on the sidelines of the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee meeting in Dubai on September 16-17.

The officials are expected to discuss the possible dates for the marquee series.
The tour, which was supposed to be a two months-long, is likely to be trimmed significantly.

The South African establishment has maintained a stony silence ever since the BCCI stunned one and all by tampering with the ICC future tours programme and inviting the West Indians over for two Tests and three ODIs.

Lorgat, whose apparent high-handedness during his time as ICC chief executive is the main reason behind the BCCI’s indifference towards CSA, said on Friday said that he was keen to work out the best schedule.

“There has rightly been concern about reports of a shortened tour by India, but I am looking forward to meeting Sanjay so that we can work out the best possible schedule under the present circumstances. As custodians we have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the game and all our stakeholders,” he said in a statement.

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Once ‘best friends’, the two boards have been at loggerheads after CSA gave Lorgat the top job.

“It is clear to me that both our boards are committed to working together to ensure the wonderful relationship we have had for the past 22 years is strengthened. As South Africans, we will always be grateful to the Indian government for the leading role they played in first enforcing the sports boycott during the dark years of apartheid and later, together with the BCCI, facilitating our return to the world family of cricket nations,” Lorgat added.

He also urged the fans to be patient. “While we would not want to disappoint our fans and stakeholders and keep them abreast of developments, we have to follow official communication protocols in dealing with this matter, so we ask for patience and support as we engage our counterparts at the BCCI,” he further said.

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