Rwanda-Tanzania Business Will Not Be Affected By Politics, Tanzania

Rwanda-Tanzania Business Will Not Be Affected By Politics, Tanzania

From Rwanda Eye

While there is evident political tension between Rwanda and Tanzania over the genocide fugitive FDLR rebels in Congo, Tanzanian deputy Minister of Transport, Dr. Charles Tizeba, says that this will not affect business between the two countries.

Tizeba has as­sured Rwandan transporters of the safety of their goods in tran­sit to and from the port of Dar es Salaam even when media reports have tried to taint the business relationship that exists along the borders.

“On behalf of the government of Tanzania, I guarantee you that your cargo or containers are very safe; just proceed with your normal transactions,” he stressed. “There is absolute nothing which the Tanzanian government has done to cause any disruption or bring about insecurity to whoever is trans­acting with Tanzania in what­ever form.”

There are 8 weighbridges between Dar and Rusumo bor­der, which operates for 16 hours compared to Malaba/Busia and Katuna that work 24 hours. About 60 to 70% of exports and imports to Rwanda are transported through the central corridor route which is about 500 km shorter as compared to the Mombasa-Kampala route.

In the meantime, Rwanda has move on the increase toll levied on Tanzanian registered trucks entering Rwanda, from the previous charge of $152 to the new $500 tag, as it is in the case of Rwandan trucks entering in Tanzania.

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