Best Stories Today

Best Stories Today

Wednesday 5.29.19

Hollywood False Prophets: Milano Says She Thought America Had Moved Beyond Race Because Obama Was Elected

Despite being highly successful, educated and outspoken, Alyssa Milano seems to have spent much of her life under a rock – or maybe in her own little imaginary country. Last week the actress and activist tweeted “I don’t recognize my country anymore,” along with a link to a story about a planned Klu Klux Klan rally in Dayton, Ohio, Yahoo reported.

Alyssa Milano

We’re In A Golden Age Of Black Horror Films

In the horror genre, black is definitely back. The movie “Ma,” which premieres on May 31, will star Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer as Sue Ann, a lonely middle-age woman who clings to a group of teens to the point of obsession.

‘Black Men And Boys Have Had A Target On Our Backs’: Legislators Propose Commission On Social Status Of Black Males

Black men and boys have increasingly become an endangered species. Now the activists and organizations committed to saving them say enough is enough. Last week a conglomerate of leaders and politicians convened at the U.S. Capitol Building to introduce a House resolution that calls to create a commission to study the social status of Black men and boys, reported Diverse Issues in Higher Education.

Silicon Valley Wants To Outflip The Flippers In Residential Real Estate With Instant Buying

Silicon Valley wants to turn the tables on flippers using technology. Flippers usually buy homes, fix them up, and then sell — or flip — them. But flippers are doing it old school for the most part. Now instant buying (iBuying) is poised to take over the market — if Silicon Valley has its way.

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There Are 88 Private Startups Each Worth $1B+ In Silicon Valley. Why Is This A Bad Thing?

This sounds impressive: There are 88 private startups each worth more than $1 billion in Silicon Valley. This is more than any other region worldwide. But some are saying this is actually troublesome. And while they are worth $1billion, many of them are going public without yet making a profit. Lyft and Uber are just to examples. This trend makes a turn for investors and doesn’t bode well for smaller startups.