25 Bitcoin Cash Quotes

25 Bitcoin Cash Quotes

1. “Bitcoin Cash won’t be a viable alternative to Bitcoin.”

-Tone Vays

2. “There are dodgy characters in Bitcoin. But there are dodgy characters in cash, too.”

– Patrick M. Bryne

3.”Bitcoin Cash was created by people who don’t approve of Segregated Witness.”

– Tone Vays

4.”If money was being invented now, it wouldn’t be designed to look like cash or credit cards. It would look more like Bitcoin.”

– Adan Draper

5.”People think about Bitcoin incorrectly. They think about it as currency or about gold or hoarding, speculation, about how much money do you make. When really, what it is is an API for programmable cash transactions.”

– Naval Ravikant

6.”Gemini is a spot bitcoin exchange. To use it, you sign up with Gemini.com and undergo the initial standard review process, similar to what you’d encounter at a traditional bank. Once you’re through, you can ACH or wire cash to the platform, then begin buying and selling bitcoin.”

– Tyler Winklevoss

7.”It’s important not to think about Bitcoin as a replacement for cash or gold or something that works alongside that; it’s to think of it as programmable money. And we just cannot even imagine what that will be used for.”

-Naval Ravikant

8.”I like the concept of ‘not spending more money to spend money’. Let’s scale it.”

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– Mohith Agadi

9.”When bitcoin currency is converted from currency into cash, that interface has to remain under some regulatory safeguards. I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe an algorithm replaces the function of the government …(that) is actually pretty cool.”

– Al Gore

10.”I think the internet is going to be one of the major forces for reducing the role of government. The one thing that’s missing but that will soon be developed, is a reliable e-cash.”

– Milton Friedman

11.”2018 is the year we bring Bitcoin to its full potential. BCH will have more security and no more issues with limits on what it can achieve.”

– Dr. Craig S Wright

12.”I am donating 200 BCH to my Twitter followers to spread Real Bitcoin Love. First 200 transactions with 0.1 BCH sent to the address below will each recieve 1 BCH to the address the 0.1 BCH came from.”

– Roger Ver

13.“We are expecting Ethereum to overtake BTC first before the end of the year, and then Bitcoin Cash will overtake Bitcoin but perhaps stay below Ethereum.”

– Matej Tomazin

14.“We prefer Bitcoin Cash because the supporters behind its development are staying true to the original mission statement of Satoshi’s whitepaper.”

– Matej Tomazin

15.“We believe Bitcoin Cash will become the cash for the world and that Ethereum will be the most important commodity the world has ever known.”

– Matej Tomazin

16.“An investment in Bitcoin right now I would say is the most risky investment one can make. It is extremely high-risk. I’ve actually sold all of my Bitcoins recently and switched to Bitcoin Cash.”

– Emil Oldenburg

17.“We’ve actually stopped developing new services for the old Bitcoin network now and are focusing mostly on [developing for] Bitcoin Cash. Where it costs only 10 öre [$0.12] to send [BCH] and there’s no waiting. The only backside is that it requires larger hard drives, but that’s not a problem for most people.”

– Emil Oldenburg

18.”There’s only a limited amount of transactions per second you can make in the Bitcoin network, which in part depends on the ‘block size’ of the memory that store the transactions on the Blockchain. This bottleneck makes for a highly risky and illiquid cryptocurrency…the old Bitcoin network is as good as unusable.”

– Emil Oldenburg

19.”BCH, however, is a totally different story. A lot of people dub BCH “Jihan coin” or “China coin”, but this is not true. BCH was not created overnight. It came out with the joint efforts of big blockers, miners, exchanges and wallet services. It set an example that a forked coin could survive, and that’s why some individuals and teams followed suit and forked bitcoin.”

– Yang Haipo

20.”Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.”

– Yang Haipo

21.”BCH has two advantages, larger user base and an open scalability. Firstly, BCH has the same user base as BTC. If you check at reddit and bitcoin talk, you will find that BCH supporters are more active than that of LTC. These supporters will urge more exchanges and wallet services to support BCH, and make it the most successful coin.”

– Yang Haipo

22.”Secondly, BCH is more scalable. LTC has the same scalability problem as BTC, and if bitcoin wants to evolve into a global currency, it will have to increase its block size to 100 megabyte (MB) or even 1 gigabyte (GB). At present, only BCH is able to move toward an adaptive block size limit.”

– Yang Haipo

23.”BCH will make sure users can transfer coins with low fees on the BCH chain and be their own bank.”

– Yang Haipo

24.”The establishment of the Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) will make the marketing and promotion part more efficient and organized.”

– Yang Haipo

25.”As the uptake of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash continues, the timing is perfect for us to announce that we will now be accepting both as deposit methods. Proving that we are one of the most flexible and accommodating online casinos around, BitStarz is happy to add LTC and BCH to our wealth of available cashier options moving forward.”

– Srdjan Kapor