Brazilian Hair Business Picks Up in Namibia

Brazilian Hair Business Picks Up in Namibia

From Daijiworld

Business is on the rise for Brazilian hair traders in Namibia, in southern Africa, as more women seek virgin Brazilian hair to supplement their own hair and attain a glorious look.

Toini Tobias is one of the Brazilian hair-inspired entrepreneurs who lives in Namibian capital Windhoek. She has been selling Brazilian hair since 2011.

“Brazilian hair business is not too bad,” Tobias said.

The demand for Brazilian hair has steered up the entrepreneurial spirit amongst many Namibians, maximising on Namibia’s stylish women’s longing for a universal hairdo, Xinhua reported.

“I was looking for ways to earn an income. I noticed that Brazilian hair was gaining popularity and many Namibian ladies were willing to spend on it. A friend introduced me to the trade. So I decided to give it a try,” Tobias said.

Tobias imports Brazilian hair through a friend who has direct links and network in the trade in Brazil.

“Sometimes I order the hair online thorough a Brazilian hair trade agency in China, which they then courier to Namibia. It’s cheaper when you buy in bulk,” she explained.

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