Political Commentator And Actor Pieter Howes Who Supported EFF Commits Suicide

Written by Peter Pedroncelli

White South African political and social commentator Pieter Howes took his own life on May 4, stunning his almost 30,000 followers on Twitter.

Howes was known for his significant presence on the social media platform, where he voiced support for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party, according to TimesLive.

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He had over 28,600 followers on Twitter and was a supporter of social justice, expressing a belief that white people in South Africa needed to own up to and address their role in oppressing Black people during apartheid, TheCitizen reported.

His left-wing views echo those of the Julius Malema-led political party.

The EFF took part in South Africa’s national elections this week and it has garnered enough support to be the third most popular party on the ballot with around 10 percent of the vote, News24 reports.

Former President Nelson Mandela’s African Nation Congress is leading the polls by a wide margin (around 57 percent) with the Democratic Alliance coming in as the official opposition.

Pieter Howes
Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, Julius Malema, addresses supporters during an election rally at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, South Africa. AP Photo – Themba Hadebe

Days before the election, artist At Botha wrote a message in Afrikaans on his Facebook page confirming his son’s tragic death without details of how he died.

Pieter Howes took his own life

Television reporter Thinus Ferreira reported that suicide was the cause of death, according to his blog. Tributes poured in for Howes via Twitter.

The respected actor, theatre director, playwright, and television scriptwriter changed his name from Pieter Bosch Botha to Howes after marrying partner Craig Howes.

His body was found in a Johannesburg hotel on May 4 after his husband was concerned and used cellphone tracking technology to locate him, according to Briefly.

Howes tweeted about death in one of his last contributions on social media, perhaps suggesting that he was contemplating ending his own life.