Serial Entrepreneur And Marketing Whiz Everette Taylor’s Next Disruption Is The Art World

Serial Entrepreneur And Marketing Whiz Everette Taylor’s Next Disruption Is The Art World

Everette Taylor
Everette Taylor. Photo: Anita Sanikop/Moguldom

At 29, Everette Taylor has already built multiple companies — all marketing related — and gained a reputation more often associated with entrepreneurship than with art.

In 2017, the Richmond, Va.-born, Los Angeles-based founder bought his first artwork — The Red Whisperer by Jonathan Henriquez — setting off what has become Taylor’s latest business endeavor, ArtX.

Taylor is hooked on the art world, John Ketchum wrote for Afrotech. He has bought art from known and unknown artists and, in the process, identified problems for Black artists that he hopes to fix with marketing, technology and community.

Listen to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin | Episode 23: Everette Taylor

Jamarlin talks to serial entrepreneur and marketing whiz, Everette Taylor, about building GrowthHackers, PopSocial and other companies. Everette shares what he learned from selling his first tech business at age 21 and working with Snapchat on a new startup accelerator.

Taylor wants to transform the art industry from one that’s exclusive to one that includes marginalized groups. He hopes to achieve that with ArtX, a company launched to help artists get exposure to the masses, empower artists to solve common problems and make art more mainstream. He hopes to use his entrepreneurial skills to enrich and expand the art world.

The ArtX community inclusively celebrates the art of unknown talents, rising stars, and seasoned creators, according to ArtX editor Danny Dunson. “We are committed to having an interactive exchange,” Dunson wrote on the company website:

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This is a space with a mission to disrupt the art world as we currently know it.
Here, the walls of traditional gallery spaces have expanded, and institutional boundaries have collapsed.
Here, we measure success by how much we enable others to become more successful.
Here, education and knowledge will be transmitted without pretense and without barriers.

ArtX is unlike anything Taylor has ever done, Afrotech reported.

“For the first time in my life I’m doing something and creating a company that I’m actually super passionate about and I want to work on,” Taylor said. “I’m very fortunate and I’m very blessed to create the successful companies that I have thus far, but this hits different.”

Taylor launched his first company at age 19 with EZ Events, an event marketing tech company that he sold after two years.

Since then, Everette has become a leader in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing, building several multi-million dollar brands. Now CEO of ET Enterprises, he oversees companies including PopSocial, MilliSense, Southside Fund, Hayver, and GrowthHackers.

As a marketing executive, he helped lead Qualaroo (acquired by Xenon Ventures) and Skurt (acquired by Fair) to successful acquisitions, oversaw growth for new mobile apps for Microsoft China, and led e-commerce company Sticker Mule to unprecedented growth as their youngest executive ever.

Taylor talked with Jamarlin Martin about the currency of culture on social media on the GHOGH podcast.

“I love the fact that we have so much power over culture, right? Culture is a currency, the way that we move and we shift things,” he said. “And how much power we have from just the things that we do and we say on Twitter, and not only that, but also the entertainment value that it brings and the joy it brings to people on a daily basis. I think that’s one of the most amazing things about Black Twitter and the fact that we’re actually driving a multi-billion dollar business. We are the most valuable asset that Twitter Inc. has.”

Here’s a full transcript of Everette Taylor on the GHOGH podcast.