Ghana Gives Turkish Investors Green Light

Ghana Gives Turkish Investors Green Light


From Ghana Business News

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority has urged prospective Turkish investors to take advantage of the many investment opportunities in Ghana to enhance trade between the two countries.

Speaking at meetings with Turkish companies on the sidelines of the 82nd Izmir International Fair in Turkey, Mr Gideon Quarcoo, Chief Executive Officer of GEPA, said the Ghanaian authorities would cooperate and work with Turkish investors willing to establish businesses in the country.

“Ghana is ripe for investment. We will go all length with you to ensure that investors’ experience in Ghana is a positive one for the mutual benefit of both countries,” he said.

Mr Quarcoo said Ghana had very clear plans of its development needs, especially in areas of enhancing infrastructural development such as roads, highways and airports.

He said Ghana’s strong and stable political environment, a strong growing economy and a large pool of youthful and trainable population should provide good reasons for the Turkish investors to explore opportunities in the country.

Besides, Ghana presents a good central point for investors seeking to reach the 250 million markets in the West African sub- region and the African continent and, therefore, there is the need to guarantee the protection for their investments.

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