South Sudan Oil Fees Brings In $236 million For Sudan

South Sudan Oil Fees Brings In $236 million For Sudan

The Daily Star reports that Sudan earned at least $230 million in fees for the export of South Sudanese oil this year. This news comes just days before a Khartoum deadline to shut the pipelines.

“The government of South Sudan sent the fees for oil transportation to the Sudan Central Bank,” the official SUNA news agency quoted the bank’s assistant governor, Azhari al-Tayeb al-Faki, as saying.

The documented amount totals $236 million, SUNA reported. That figure includes fees for transporting South Sudanese oil to the Port Sudan export terminal, as well a package to compensate Khartoum for the loss of oil when South Sudan separated.

When the South became independent two years ago, it too about 75 percent of united Sudan’s oil production.

“Oil refineries and export pipelines stayed under Sudan’s jurisdiction but the two sides could not agree on how much the South should pay for using that infrastructure,” reports The Daily Star.