Ecommerce Move: BUYME Zambia Debuts Online Car Marketplace

Ecommerce Move: BUYME Zambia Debuts Online Car Marketplace

It is now easier to buy a car in Zambia. The Sunday Post reports, BUYME Zambia has launched the country’s first ever online used vehicle marketplace.

According to company chairman Davy Nanduba, the online marketplace accessible on www.buyme.co.zm will change the distribution of used vehicles in the country.

The buyme.co.zm marketplace is a website platform that lets multiple vehicle sellers and car spare part dealers across Zambia, both individual and corporates such as direct vehicle importers, to meet directly with customers online and discuss their transaction, reports Sunday Post.

“The internet has continued to shape the way we do business in this day and age by making life easy and better for citizens…Buyers of vehicles and/or car spare parts can compare and review different seller offerings on the market, make inquiries on a listing and to place an order. Most interestingly, buyers can even make a counter offer on a listing. Payments are made off the site after a buyer has checked their ordered item and are satisfied,” stated Nanduba in a statement.