Why Is SiriusXM Considering Firing Talk Show Host Rev. Mark Thompson?

Isheka N. Harrison
Written by Isheka N. Harrison
Rev. Mark Thompson, left, may be in danger of losing his popular show “Make It Plain” on Sirius XM after getting into a physical altercation in Newark. Courtesy of YouTube

Popular pastor, activist and Sirius XM host Mark Thompson has been absent from his “Make It Plain” show after punching a man in Newark who identified himself as Africa The Great. According to an article by Talib Kweli Greene on Medium, Africa approached Thompson to confront him for not addressing real concerns of poor Blacks on MSNBC.

A video of the incident shows Africa telling Thompson – who is a staunch advocate for reparations for Blacks in America – he doesn’t discuss issues relevant to him.

“The stuff you say and other people say don’t really explain me or my life. I’m a poor Black man from the inner city and I don’t care about Russia … I care that my kids’ education is horrible … there are no jobs … I have a felony so I can’t really get a job. These are the things I care about,” Africa tells Thompson.

In a tweet about the incident, Thompson said he was assaulted by a man (Africa) spouting “ADOS rhetoric.” ADOS is an acronym for American Descendants of Slavery, but ADOS said Africa has no affiliation with them.

On its website, ADOS describes itself as fighting to change the losses Blacks have experienced as a result of slavery. However, some have labeled it an anti-immigrant, pro-Trump establishment whose members violently threaten anyone they disagree with.

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After briefly listening to Africa, the video shows Thompson trying to walk away. But Africa blocks his attempts, then calls him a coon and sellout. Thompson responds by punching Africa in the face.

Despite Thompson getting physical first, Kweli Greene thinks Sirius would be making a mistake if it permanently Thompson off the air. And Greene is not alone. The hashtag #IStandWithMarkThompson has been used by Black and white Thompson supporters alike on Twitter.