Content Creator Benoni Tagoe On What Las Vegas Taught Him About Financial Literacy

Written by Anita Sanikop

A creator and distributor of Black-owned content, Benoni Tagoe has a lot to say about financial literacy.

Tagoe’s web series, The Bizz Plan, is an education brand for young millennial entrepreneurs. The series features trailblazers in content creation and brand marketing, and is featured on Issa Rae Productions’ YouTube channel.

The Bizz Plan has a series on financial literacy. In one of his interviews, Tagoe said many successful Black artists suffer because they don’t understand taxes and finances. They know where to go to buy the new shoes or which rap song is the best, but they don’t know about taking care of the other side, Tagoe said.

Tagoe began his career in the music industry, working with Demi Lovato, Jordin Sparks and Mindless Behavior. He joined The Jonas Group, growing its global digital presence and accompanying the Jonas Brothers on their world tour.

He started working with Issa Rae in 2011, helping create new revenue streams by negotiating content and distribution deals. After Rae’s YouTube web series, “Awkward Black Girl,” catapulted her to fame, she created, co-wrote, and starred in the HBO TV series “Insecure.”

Growing up in Las Vegas, Tagoe was able to observe the spending habits of entertainers and gamblers at an early age.

Moguldom caught up with Tagoe at Black Tech Week Miami 2018 and asked him how growing up in Vagas may have prompted his interest in financial literacy.

Watch Moguldom‘s video of content creator Benoni Tagoe, part 2.


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