Solar-Powered, Sport Utility Laptop Released in Ghana

Written by Makula Dunbar

WeWi Telecommunications, a firm located in Ontario, Canada has recently launched the SOL — a solar-powered laptop, built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Released in Ghana, the SOL is described as a sport utility laptop that can be taken virtually anywhere.

In areas of Ghana, where electricity is scarce and shortages are common, techies now have the option of carrying-on with work using WeWi’s solar panel packed laptop priced at $350, Computer World reported.

“We traveled to Africa and we saw the need,” David Snir, WeWi Telecommunications CEO and founder said in the report.

With four solar panels, the laptop takes about two hours to fully charge. Battery life lasts eight to 10 hours. In cloudy conditions, Computer World noted, the laptop takes roughly three hours to reach a full charge.

“Instead of making sure water would not seep into the computer, we said it’s going to happen anyway,” Snir said, explaining that the computer has special hydrophobic nano material that repels water and other liquids.

“We really want to get Africa connected and we really want to help developing countries. We’re not out to make a huge amount for money from our laptops,” he added. Though for $400, SOL laptops that can be submerged in water are also available.

According to Computer World, the SOL system — which includes shock absorbers — supports Wifi, both 3G and 4G networks and has a 320GB hard drive with a memory capacity of 2GB to 4GB. Opening in a “Butterfly fashion,” the solar panels can charge by wire while disconnected from the laptop.

WeWi Telecommunications is looking to release a solar-powered Google Chromebook in North America later this year.