Why Is Africa Slow To Adopt New Hotel Technology?

Written by Staff

Hotel technology is developing in leaps and bounds across the globe with the African continent, in particular, gaining traction as a major force in the hospitality industry. The region’s potential continues to grow as several countries experience a boom in tourism, development and investment.

Africa, however, still lags somewhat in terms of uptake of hotel technology but with the hospitality industry thriving and investors setting their sights on further tapping into this potential, developments in hotel technology in Africa will have to speed up in order to satisfy global travellers who are used to digital accommodations, to meet guest demand and to provide competitive levels of guest service and engagement.

Story from IT News Africa.

Photo by Tamas Munkacsi on Unsplash

With most of the technology coming from outside Africa’s borders, it makes it hard to constantly invest in this ever-changing technological landscape – not to mention fluctuating exchange rates – a major overhaul of a hotel’s existing infrastructure is also often cost-prohibitive so you have to do your homework and be selective as to what you install in your hotels. Ian Lumsden, Sales and Marketing Director at Ankerdata, a hospitality solutions business provider and official re-seller of protel hotel software in Africa, says, “It’s important that the systems you implement are easily upgradable, are interactive, can operate over many platforms and incorporate additional hotels seamlessly and inexpensively.”

There is no doubt that technology is definitely becoming more of a determining factor when guests consider a hotel. The empowering of the guest through mobility and seamless accessibility in and around the hotel is key. With the use of agile digital interfaces, hotels will be able to attend to their guests earlier, from booking airport pick-ups, upgrading rooms, early check-ins and even arranging meetings for them.

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