Can A Facebook Post Make Your Insurance Go Up?

Can A Facebook Post Make Your Insurance Go Up?

Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

Did you know your social media accounts may be causing your insurance rates to go up? Yes, your post on Facebook could change the amount you pay for insurance.

It seems some insurance companies may be adjusting your rates based on your social media profile.

“Social media shows more about us than we realize. It reveals our habits, lifestyles, and choices. Insurance companies know that they have a goldmine of free information at their fingertips and will do everything possible to take advantage of that information,” Life insurance Post reported.

And most likely your insurance company is watching.

There are a number of types of posts they pay attention to. One is your lifestyle photos. Say on your insurance policy you claim not to be a smoker, yet on your photos you’re pictured smoking. They will definitely raise your rates. They also look at risky lifestyle behavior, such participating in extreme sports and hobbies.

“Insurance companies aren’t in the business of giving low rates to people who intentionally put themselves in harm’s way. If you’re a risk taker, it will show up on your social media profile,” Life Insurance Post reported.

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Insurance companies are also checking out your selfies. Yes, your selfies may actually tell an insurance company how long you may live. Various insurance companies are using facial analytics software to determine life expectancy.

Posted text messages are also a concern for insurance agencies. So if you post your messages, they may think you are texting while driving — which could cause accidents.

Does your status say married but you failed to tell this to your insurance company? This could be a strike against you as being dishonest.

Your travel photos will be scrutinized as well. Do you travel to high-risk areas where you could get ill or injured? Your insurance company will raise your rates.

So be smart about what you post. You might also want to turn off your location settings and restrict your privacy settings.