Holy Tweet! Twitter Is Testing Changes

Holy Tweet! Twitter Is Testing Changes

Image: Unsplash

The next time you use Twitter the site might look a little different. The social media giant has announced it is testing a new feature. The feature is a “subscribe to conversation” button that would let users follow a thread without liking or replying to it.

“Twitter user and software engineer Jane Manchun Wong (who’s known for finding this kind of thing) discovered the prototype in the Android version of the app. In response to her tweet about it, Twitter said this is an attempt to make the platform more conversational. It’s now the latest in a flood of changes we’ve seen from Twitter,” Engadget reported.

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There will be a new button to the top right corner of threads. When clicked on it, users will be notified when additional tweets are later added to the thread. This will give followers of the thread anonymity since users don’t need to “heart” or comment in a thread to get updates.

Even though Twitter said they would be testing the feature, the company has not said when it will deploy the change platform-wide, though.

“Earlier this week, the company released its experimental beta testing app, Twttr, which will let early adopters test new Twitter features. First, it’s giving threads a chat-like look with color coding and indentation. At the beginning of the month, the company confirmed it’s working out a way to hide unwanted replies en masse (this was also discovered by Wong),” Engadget reported.