Tech Startup Programs That Could Help Build Mali’s Digital Economy

Written by Staff

For over two decades, Mali has been faced with certain economic challenges as a result of political unrest. As a result of this, it has also been portrayed in a negative light as an unsafe and impoverished country. However, the African country is currently making practical efforts to revolutionize its economy. One of which is to ensure it doesn’t miss out on the digital revolution taking place in the world.

“We are in the process of continued transformation of our economical ecosystem and digital economy is occupying a very huge place in that process,” Arouna Modibo, Mali’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy told Ventures Africa in an interview.


The country is also particularly committed to the growth of businesses through technology and innovation. Below are some of the ways Mali is boosting entrepreneurship:

From Ventures Africa. Story by Mosopefoluwa Okeowo.

Arouna Modibo supported a start-up competition called “Mali Start-Up” at the beginning of the year.

Candidates would be judged based on the innovation of their idea, the scope of the project and its financial gains. The selection will also be made based on the argumentation and the demonstration of the project, which focuses on big data, cloud computing (storage and access to data), smart networks, cybersecurity, data protection etc. The project must also address a national or local problem.  

Mali Startup intends to recruit 50 Startups, to supervise them, to make an evaluation and to promote them.The top three start-up winners will get an immersive trip to Silicon Valley and meetings with top companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook. “We want to assert our desire not to miss the digital revolution,” the Minister said. 

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