Full Transcript: Jamarlin Martin Discusses Flawed Thinking In The Community On GHOGH Podcast

Full Transcript: Jamarlin Martin Discusses Flawed Thinking In The Community On GHOGH Podcast

Jamarlin Martin
Jamarlin Martin discusses R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse in this episode of the GHOGH podcast. Photo: Anita Sanikop

In episode 42 of the GHOGH podcast, Jamarlin Martin goes solo and talks about flawed thinking within our community.

He covers R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI, support for the late Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and Sudan in the ’90s.

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Listen to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin | Episode 42: Jamarlin Martin 
Jamarlin goes solo and talks about flawed thinking within our community. He covers R. Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI, support for the late Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and Sudan in the ’90s.

This is a full transcript of the conversation which has been lightly edited for clarity.

Jamarlin Martin: You’re listening to GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin. We have a go hard or go home approach as we talk to the leading tech leaders, politicians and influencers. Let’s GHOGH!

Okay, so R. Kelly has been in the news. Lifetime put out a documentary and of course there’s a lot of allegations in that documentary. I have not watched the document. I stopped listening to R. Kelly. I’m not interested in R. Kelly. The pattern that I observed over the years, I think what I said on Twitter was, you didn’t need a Lifetime doc to stop listening to R. Kelly. Your spirit should have told you that he is a demonic agent. He’s more dangerous for Black America, because he has mixed religion, gospel with his gift. He is gifted, but he has mixed religion and the Lord with sex.

When you think about what makes R. Kelly original, well, in his mind he has this perversion and he has God, and it has really mixed up the people. And so it was interesting watching some of the commentary, mainly from brothers. Some brothers are like, hey, this is a racist agenda, Lifetime, why are they singling R. Kelly out? Why don’t they talk about Elvis Presley?

They want to inject racism to the R. Kelly discussion. Okay. The problem with that is, let me frame it this way. When you inject racism into the community protesting R. Kelly in terms of his sexual abuse on young girls, when you inject racism into that discussion, I would compare it to a cop who arrests a pedophile in Harlem or Watts or the south side of Chicago. There’s a pedophile running around and he has terrorized a hundred Black girls in the hood. Now the cop takes the pedophile in, and so there’s one side of the Black community that wants to focus on, hey, is the cop racist? That’s one side. The other side of the community doesn’t care if the cop is racist. They are focused on getting this sexual predator out of the community. That’s the only thing that matters. That’s the only thing that matters. In terms of the big picture of things. Race does not have to be the motivating issue or lens on everything.

I think some of us become so drunk on white supremacy and white folks that you can’t soberly evaluate facts and information and use common sense, meaning that you’re so drugged up and drunk on white supremacy and racism, some of the stuff in your community and on the outside, you can’t see straight. So on some level you say, people who have been traumatized and oppressed and discriminated against, we can’t see things clearly. Maybe the people are not to blame for that. However, you should want to strive to see facts and information clearly, sanely, soberly, that talking about racism with R. Kelly, even a little bit in this situation, to me is sick. You should be focused on all those girls that he preyed on, and the terror that he injected into the community. This is not someone who made a mistake or did something when he was younger. This is a person who has committed himself in life to terrorizing Black women, Black girls.

I would frame this as some of our people drugged up and so drunk on white supremacy and racism, and of course this should be a priority in our community, but you need to think clearly. You need to be able to evaluate a situation without injecting white folks. We want the predators out of the community, regardless of whether they’re catching their predators in their community. It doesn’t matter. We want the predators out the community. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if he’s letting his predators go. We’re not defending and protesting for predators. That’s not what we’re trying to do here.

Similarly, in terms of this flawed thinking and drunkenness in the community, Jazmine Barnes, was gunned down in a car in Texas. The young girl was murdered. Her mom survived. And the community got really riled up because the initial reports said that the gunman was white. And so you had some of our people banging against each other saying, hey, why aren’t you talking about Jazmine Barnes? Why aren’t you talking about this white killer who killed Jazmine Barnes? So everyone’s talking about Jazmine Barnes and everyone’s really angry like, hey, you killed Jazmine Barnes, white folks, let’s go after them. Why does this keep happening? And the facts come out. And Jazmine Barnes was killed by a Black man. The Black man is murdering people every day across America, regardless of what white folks are doing.

The bottom line is we are murdering each other. That’s the facts. Nine out of 10 times we are murdering each other. Many of us don’t have a knowledge of self, and we’re sick and we’re killing each other. And so the protests should not stop or the caring and the love that you show for Jazmine Barnes and the loss of that life, it shouldn’t flip so quick, whether it’s a white man killing her or whether it’s our own killing again, the motions should not flip so fast where everyone stops talking about the loss of that life because it was someone who looked like you or someone from your community who took that life. And so this is flawed thinking in our community.

We got to love each other. We got to embrace the value of our lives. In every single case according to its association with white supremacy and white folks independently, there’s certain things that need to matter independently of how white folks operate. Some people may say, hey, you’re trying to get white folks off the hook. No, you can bang against white supremacy, you can go after white supremacists. You can criticize white supremacists, but at the same time, you put so much energy on white folks and white supremacy that there’s nothing left in the tank for your own household, for your own community, to lift your own community up, to protect your community, to care about your community, to love your community. All that energy you’re pushing on banging against white folks, some people, they don’t have anything left in the tank in terms of caring about us murdering each other.

So another thing I wanted to talk about with flawed thinking is Donald Trump and Mueller. So there’s thinking in our community that Black people should not be keeping for the FBI and the feds to take down the Trump family, because of what J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI have done spying on us, booby-trapping our political movements, because of what they have done and what they continue to do. Some people believe that it would be wrong to want to see the feds administer justice to the Donald Trump mafia organization. The corrupt Donald Trump mafia white supremacist organization.

And again, this flawed thinking is you examine everything based on this kind of lens where I can’t look at this situation where there’s a corrupt organization, a corrupt white supremacist organization. These people have discriminated against our people. These people are spiking the white supremacist attitudes against our Brown brothers and sisters, against Muslims. This organization is a white supremacist organization. The Trump organization, the Trump family. Not only that, it’s one of the purest manifestations of white privilege. Essentially, you’re born into wealth, you get by with corruption, crime, people give you a pass, in part because you’re white, you’ve been born with money, they’re going to look the other way.

And so for this clear example of the corrupt white supremacist establishment in the United States, this symbol in the White House, one, I think it’s a good thing. Some of the issues that we’ve been talking about for decades, it’s manifested in the MAGA and the Trump movement for the world to see. We’ve been saying this stuff, but here, look at all these people voting and supporting this guy. We’ve been saying that America is more racist than you think. A lot more racist than you think. So there’s a thinking in the community where, I don’t want to talk about Trump or MAGA because the FBI and the feds are going after him. The thinking is because we were abused by the FBI and in the relationship with Africa, the CIA, you don’t want to see those departments administer justice to Donald Trump. And what I’ll say about that is some folks believing that wanting to see justice being administered to Donald Trump and the corrupt white supremacist MAGA empire, wanting to see justice administered like it’s administered to us, that is not a Negro position.

Hopefully you are banging for freedom, justice and equality. I’m gonna say it again. Hopefully you’re banging for freedom, justice and equality. If you’re for freedom, justice and equality, to see justice being administered to Donald Trump for the decades of corruption, the decades of criminality, for you wanting to see justice administered to him and anybody, that would be consistent with wanting to see freedom and justice applied as it should be applied. This thinking that we should, because of what the FBI and what the CIA has done in Africa, we should be on the side of Donald Trump. And there’s a lot of people in our community where you have become trained to go on the criminal’s side. Essentially when the police or the feds or the CIA has lined up a against a criminal, there’s been so much abuse, you may have developed a gravitation to defend the criminals. And so this is not as a situation where, I don’t think anybody can claim that you believe in freedom and justice and equality, and you’re supporting Donald Trump or you don’t want to see the feds take out Donald Trump.

So within this line of this flawed thinking, it brings back memories to 1997. In 1997 at the Nation of Islam’s Savior’s Day, Sani Abacha, the dictator in Nigeria, he spoke to Black folks in Chicago via satellite, the dictator in Nigeria, Abacha. And so you could probably see videos on YouTube or somewhere online, but essentially a lot of Black folks were cheering Abacha at this event, and the thinking is the United States government doesn’t like Abacha, doesn’t like the dictator in Nigeria. So if the United States does not like that dictator in Nigeria, that dictator must be good. That’s the simplistic thinking of a lot of folks.

However, I have a lot of Nigerian friends. I know people who are very close to the political establishment in Nigeria. And so the bottom line is Abacha stole over $4 billion from the people in Nigeria. It was a theft. We’ve had leaders and preachers stealing in our community, and there’s no one that you know of, that has stolen more money from our people than Abacha in Nigeria.

I don’t need to get information from white folks. That’s not me listening to the mainstream media. I can talk to Nigerians on the ground. I can talk to the political establishment directly. Abacha stole over $4 billion from the people. And I don’t care. I know some people will be like, “Oh, white folks stole money too. So we need to support Abacha.” No, no, no. This madness needs to stop. It’s wrong to steal money, for any leader to steal the people’s money, particularly $4 billion dollars, putting the people at risk, bankrupting the people. And so you have this flawed thinking in our community. You can be against white supremacy, but that does not mean that you’re for whoever they’re against. So the community is getting up and applauding Sani Abacha, this guy who stole the Nigerian people’s money, did you even know that?

Again, this flawed thinking. Around the same time you had cases coming out in the media about the Muslims in the Sudan enslaving the Christians there. So you had some people in our community who said, this is all propaganda, that the government doesn’t like the Muslim leaders in the Sudan, and this was all propaganda. The facts are out there that the Muslims in the Sudan were enslaving and oppressing and raping the Black Christians there. And so, in this day and hour, you have to be sober that outside of religion and ideology and all this stuff, we need to think clearly that because the African is Muslim, that doesn’t mean that they’re doing the right thing.

That does not mean they’re doing the right thing. We know that Arabs were some of the supreme slave masters of Africans. This is no disrespect to the Muslim brothers and sisters out there, but this is just facts. The more objective Black people are, the more we get out of our spookiness and ideologies, and we’re able to look at facts clearly and objectively, the better off the people. The more spooky we are, the people are going to continue to be manipulated, exploited, and abused, and we’re not going to go far. We have to think clearly and objectively. I don’t care what religion you are, when you’re oppressing and enslaving African people, we’ve got a problem. I don’t care if you’re Muslim, I don’t care if you’re Christian and I don’t care if you’re Afrocentric, enslaving our people is wrong and it doesn’t matter who’s doing it.

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