Guesthouse Business Adds Value to Seychelles Tourism Industry

Guesthouse Business Adds Value to Seychelles Tourism Industry

Over the weekend, James Michel, President of the Seychelles made rounds at tourism establishments located in Mahe and Bel Obre. Attesting that these establishments — largely run by entrepreneurs — contribute to the tourism industry, Michel encouraged business owners to continue setting up shops, eTurboNews reported.

In honor of entrepreneurs who want to delve into the tourism business, Michel will ensure that the island’s Department of Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation provide the proper resources. According to eTurboNews, the government will implement measures that terminate bureaucrats standing in the way of new business ventures. Michel also plans to make land accessible for lease or purchase in addition to regulating credit.

“The aim of my visit is to give encouragement to the Seychellois entrepreneurs who have decided to participate in the development of the tourism industry by doing business and building as well as running small guesthouses,” Michel said.

“I think this is very good and healthy for the economy; that we empower the Seychellois and they take this opportunity for them to be able to participate in the tourism industry and build their guesthouses, run them, and also give the industry the possibility to develop in this range of products that they will provide to their clients,” he said.

eTurboNews reported that although the potential to attract tourists has heightened, the president admitted that in areas of the Seychelles, there’s work to be done. Infrastructural improvements that include installing street lights, constructing pedestrian sidewalks and beautifying areas with flowers and plants are on Michel’s agenda.

“I was very impressed with what I saw, and I think all the operators I spoke to said they are very happy and their business is working well, and I would like to encourage other Seychellois who want to go in this line of business to take this opportunity that we have facilitated and see if they can participate in it and help to create wealth for themselves and for the country,” he said.