Malia Obama Secret Facebook Account Shows How Much She Hates Trump. Twitter Users Say Leave Her The Hell Alone

Written by Dana Sanchez
Malia Obama
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Twitter users responded angrily when London tabloid Daily Mail exposed what it says is a secret Facebook account that “appears to have been used by Malia in her last year at high school and in her gap year.”

The Facebook page was posted under a pseudonym and did not appear to have been updated since 2017, Daily Mail reported. Its cover photo included a row of pink post-it notes with these messages: “Donald Trump is President,” “This is not normal”, “Donald Trump is evil” and “Don’t be complacent.”

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Social media responses on Twitter ranged from criticizing the Daily Mail for invading Malia’s privacy and questioning how this was news to urging Malia to run for president. One user said the publication was being creepy, preying on “the old, private FB account of an 18 year old.” Another said “mind ya business. Let her live.”

Malia used the Facebook page to promote causes that were important to her such as gun reform. The page “offers a rare glimpse into the former first daughter’s remarkably typical teenage years,” the Daily Mail said. 

In photo albums, Malia is shown posing with friends and relaxing on vacation. Now 20, she is in her second year at Harvard.

The Facebook page appears to have been most active between 2016 and 2017, College Candy reported. This period correlated with her father President Barack Obama’s final months in office, her senior year in high school, and part of the gap year she took before starting her freshman year at Harvard University in the fall of 2017.

“The sentiments shared in the post-it notes are not uncommon but unfortunately, risk the potential of being sensationalized merely because she is Malia Obama,” according to College Candy.

First daughters Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have come to Malia’s aid
in the past, defending her right to privacy. The general feeling is, “Although Barack Obama is no longer in the White House and Malia Obama is technically an adult, leave her the hell alone,” Angela Helm wrote in The Root.

Here’s what current and former first daughters tweeted after TMZ posted photos of Malia Obama kissing a boy and blowing smoke rings at Harvard.