Small Businesses in Rwanda to File Taxes Through M-Declaration

Small Businesses in Rwanda to File Taxes Through M-Declaration

Small business owners in Rwanda who have in the past struggled to file taxes in a timely manner can now breathe a sigh of relief. Next week, a mobile platform called M-declaration will launch allowing entities turning over between $3,000 to $770,000 to file via mobile phone, PC Tech magazine reported.

“This system will solve the problem of taxpayers spending hours in queues at our offices waiting to declare taxes. In fact, taxpayers will be able to declare their returns from wherever they will be using their mobile phones,” Celestine Bumbakare, Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) commissioner for domestic taxes, said in the report.

Taxes can be filed electronically if businesses have handy their taxpayer identification number, a passport number or ID card — and of course a mobile phone.

“The system will match these three requirements and enable the client to declare taxes by following prompts on their phone. All they will have to do is type *800# and follow instructions,” Bumbakare added.

Last year the country introduced an e-filing system that requires first opening an account at the Rwanda Revenue Authority. According to PC Tech magazine, M-Declaration specializes in handling taxes of small businesses as opposed to the older system which can handle turnover of $1.5 million.