Nigeria Celebrates The Launch Of Business Television

Nigeria Celebrates The Launch Of Business Television

From This Day Live

Moss Media Limited recently announced the launch of Business Television, a TV program  entirely devoted to coverage of business. Chief executive officer of the station, Moses Samuel speaks with  Emmanuella Okorie.

What is the idea behind Business Television?

Business Television which is the first business television in Nigeria is owned and operated by Moss Media. It came because there was a growing concern for us to tell our own business stories to the world. Over the years, it has been discovered that the Nigeria market is large but there has not been a platform designed to suit the Nigeria market. There has not been a platform that defines what we do. As a result of this, we decided to set up a dedicated business television that will help to convey our own message to the world. Moreover, the Nigeria business sector has become sophisticated and fast-paced with policies and regular developments that require detailed, discerning reportage and interpretations.

On what station does Business Television air?

Presently, Business Television station airs on Star Times. It was launched last November but we are working towards bringing the station on DSTV.

Why did you choose to go on satellite instead of terrestrial television?

Presently, the federal government has stopped issuing license for either television or radio station. This is due to the 2015 digitalization policy which the government is working on. With this policy all television stations will be moved to a box which would neither be Star Times, DSTV or a GOTV and they will attract a subscription fee.

Given that you run a 24-hour-program, how do you hope to resolve the challenge of creating content that would be fresh and not bore viewers?

Business Television is a specialized station where most information needed are from a particular setup. Also, we are working for a joint partnership with the Nigeria Stock Exchange in order to get the necessary information we need.

Who do you consider your competitors?

On DSTV, we have Bloomberg from America, CNBC also from America, but which has a home in South Africa. These business televisions are not interested in the Nigerian labour market. They pick stories from all over Africa and these stories must have a striking news item in them.

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