MTN Cloud Announces Expansion To Ivory Coast

MTN Cloud Announces Expansion To Ivory Coast

Tech alert. MTN has extended its cloud service offerings to Ivory Coast, reports Human IPO. This move will help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) grow.

MTN Cloud offers business automation tools for firms in professional services, including microfinance and health.

The launch in the Ivory Coast follows MTN’s success ventures in Ghana and Nigeria. Next the company will offer cloud provision to Uganda, Cameroon and South Africa.

Pieter Verkade, group chief commercial officer at MTN, said: “Our focus as MTN is to contribute to the development of enterprises and sustainable growth of economies in the countries where we operate.”

He continued: “MTN Cloud is integral to our strategy to achieve this, particularly as enterprises are key economic growth drivers in most of our markets.”

MTN boasts it is a single point of contact for customers, supplying access to digital services with a centralized approach.

According to Verkade convenience is a key factor, aiming to ease business administration in cutting out the obligation of dealing with multiple service providers, reports Human IPO.

During a second phase of Ivory Coast-based MTN Cloud will reach out to major corporates and multinationals.