Food Bloggers Expose Africa’s Traditional Cuisine To A Global Audience

Written by Peter Pedroncelli

Food bloggers who are featuring African cuisine in their writing or videos are exposing a global audience to the delicious food that Africa has to offer.

From South Africa to Nigeria, Senegal to Egypt, Guinea to Mauritius and everywhere in between, Africa has a rich history and tradition associated with food, and bloggers are eager to showcase unique and tasty recipes to a wider audience online.

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Food blogger Tuleka Prah is making her way across Africa to document and celebrate dishes that are distinctly African, according to APNews.

Prah runs a blog and film archive called My African Food Map, traveling across Africa to embrace and document the cuisine of a continent all to often unfairly associated with negative stereotypes.

She was inspired to do so when she had a hard time finding reliable recipes for Ghanaian dishes online, and wanted to ensure that Africa’s culinary delights would be accompanied by imagery that would do the sumptuous meals justice.

Born in England to a Ghanaian father and a South African mother, she experienced life in six African countries during her childhood, and food was an important part of that experience for Prah, who is now sharing it with the world.

Food bloggers
African food bloggers are exposing a global audience to the delicious food that Africa has to offer. Image – AP – Matthew Mead

Another popular African food blogger with a passion for the continent’s cuisine is Nigerian Nma Okpara.

Her blog, the Nigerian Lazy Chef, features Nigerian stews and soups with a focus on meals that are quick and easy to prepare, according to CNN.

This niche has attracted moe than 52,000 followers on the Nigerian Lazy Chef Instagram account, which posts images of appetizing meals available on Okpara’s blog.

Food bloggers with many followers

Another Nigerian in the food blog space is Ronke Edoho with her popular blog, 9ja Foodie, which has a huge social media following of 234,000 on Instagram.

The blog aims to make traditional and sometimes complex African recipes more accessible and easy to understand, according to WhatsonAfrica.

Edoho is a certified nutrition and clinical weight loss specialist, and she uses her expertise to create traditional African meals that are healthy.

Thanks to those online who are celebrating African food, audiences the world over are able to learn about the tastes and preparation associated with traditional African recipes.

This phenomenon is not only gaining momentum through bloggers, but on Youtube video platforms showcasing food from the continent.

Guinean Oumou Bah has a Youtube channel called Kadi Recipes. In her videos she cooks numerous West African meals including Jollof rice and beed, couscous meatballs and fufu banana, showing viewers how to cook their own.

She celebrates African food with more than 100 recipe videos and has more than 28,000 subscribers. Her channel has been so successful, and the demand for African recipes so high, that she has written two books that are available on Amazon. One is an e-book in English called “African Cuisine Made Easy” featuring 19 popular West African dishes. The other is a paperback recipe book in French called “Les Recettes de l’Atelier de Oumou, Volume 1: Des Recettes Simple et delicieuses