Yahclick Broadband Expands to Angola, South Sudan

Yahclick Broadband Expands to Angola, South Sudan

Yahsat, a UAE-based satellite broadband service operator has announced plans to expand within the African market to Angola and South Sudan. Through a partnership with SSCOOP SS Cooperative, Yahsat will offer its Yahclick high-speed internet service to businesses, home users, government and communities in South Sudan, Telecompaper reported.

Already used in more than ten countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq — through another partnership with Global Telesat, Yahclick will also be available in Angola, according to African Brains.

“We are happy to strengthen our presence in Angola through our partnership with Global Telesat. As one of our local partners for YahClick in Angola, Global Telesat will provide set-up and maintenance services for home users and businesses,” Shawkat Ahmed, Yahsat Chief Commercial Officer said in the Africa Brains report. “Africa is a key market for us and with the help of experts in the market like Global Telesat, Yahsat is pleased to be making cost effective and reliable Internet connectivity even more accessible to users across Angola.”

Yahclick’s Angola service will be distributed to urban and rural areas via two different channels. Electrix will target home users while Multitel will collaborate with Yahsat to target businesses, Africa Brains reported.

Global Telesat CEO Ivan Pizarro says that although satellite Internet service has been available in Angola, Yahclick will make it easier for undeserved community to connect to the web and opportunities because of lower pricing.

“YahClick makes satellite internet affordable for the very first time, for a much wider segment of businesses and home users who previously couldn’t consider satellite due to its prohibitive costs,” Pizarro said.

It is Yahsat’s hope that because of Yahclick’s affordable connectivity option, NGOs, businesses and individual users will become better connected and embark on newly created opportunities, Africa Brains noted.

Telecompaper reported that Yahsat is looking make Yahclick available in more African countries and the Middle East, in addition to Central and South West regions of Asia.