Kenyan Entrepreneurs Register Businesses Via Mobile Phone

Kenyan Entrepreneurs Register Businesses Via Mobile Phone

Kenya’s most successful telecommunication entity, Safaricom, and the Kenyan State Law Office have joined forces, inking a deal that will allow local entrepreneurs to register businesses via their mobile phones, Ventures Africa reported.

The $160,919 deal will support a mobile platform that encompasses business registry, company name search and fee payments — all of which contribute to an expedited legalization process.

“We are reinventing the way we deliver services and in the next few days, the long queues that Kenyans associate us with will be no more,” Attorney-General, Prof Githu Muigai, said in the report.

Ventures Africa reported that prior to mobile registrations, the only option hopeful business owners had was making the trek to Nairobi, where they’d be met with long lines and waiting periods before securing a registration certificate.

“It has been terrible that somebody is forced to come all the way from Lodwar just to pay Sh100 ($1.40) in Nairobi,” Solicitor-General Njee Muturi added.

The World Bank found that close to 32 days and 10 procedures stand in the way of filing a deed with the Registrar in Kenya, Ventures Africa noted. In Rwanda, however, entrepreneurs can officially establish an entity via registration in as little as three days.

Kenya’s mobile registration initiative was created in part to influence international investors to consider pouring funds into the country’s small business sector. With an improved Registrar of Companies, Kenya is looking to gain a competitive edge on surrounding nations with growing business communities.