Uganda Urged To Address Low Levels Of Tech Adoption

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The Executive Director of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) – the regulator of the communications sector in Uganda Mr. Godfrey Mutabazi has called on government agencies and other partners to embrace ICT as the country strives to achieve the national broadband policy. Mutabazi made the remarks on Tuesday as he addressed hundreds of people during the ninth Annual CEO FORUM held at Serena hotel in Kampala. As a country, we need to tackle the low levels of awareness and digital literacy, which has made us late adopters of technology in most cases,” he said adding that Uganda needs to seriously boost and support innovation and the digitization of local content.


He said this should boost the level of development especially in e-services including e-government.

He said Ugandans should take advantage of emerging technologies leverage on the power of connectivity in order to harness the benefits of emerging technologies, deliberate efforts need to be made towards addressing identified challenges.

From PLM Daily.  Story by JAVIRA SSEBWAMI.

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Uganda currently stands at 3G mobile technologies with parts of the countryside still under 2G coverage service. Such coverage, however, is only ideal for voice services but not data.

Mr Mutabazi now believes it is time for the country to begin exploring opportunities for deployment of the more advanced 5G.

But, to achieve this, both the government and the private sector need to invest in network expansion as well as innovative infrastructure deployment mechanisms and models.

“As we extend to connectivity, there is also urgent need to further stimulate demand through interventions to ensure that communications services and devices are affordable,” he said.

Bad, traditional policies.

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